No Benefit Without Risk – Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Tylenol

Many medications are available only by prescription (unless you own a computer or travel to another country).  That is because of the risks that accompany their use. When drugs become available we tend to believe that availability is some sort of certification that they are safe, and weak compared to prescription meds. Not true. Recent […]

Radiation Safety Update

Dear Patients, I am sorry that this email has to be so long. My sadness that it is necessary is, of course, far greater. Also, please do review this material carefully, as I am unable to respond to the very large volume of emails and phone calls that we have been receiving. Reviewing my previous […]

Use Medication Only When You REALLY Need To

It is always smart to avoid overusing medication. Two recent studies are convincing reminders of this wisdom. In one study, 2 million Britons using statin drugs were found to have unexpectedly increased risks of cataracts and kidney failure. While other problems like liver and muscle damage, are well-known, these links were a surprise. Also surprising […]