Light on Vision

phto woman's eye

Needing to wear glasses has long been viewed as a mark of geekiness without any other real significance.  “Just bad luck”, the medical experts said.  “Your eyeball is just shaped wrong and there is nothing you can do about it”. Dissenting voices, especially from the fuzzier end of the alternative medical spectrum, promoted eye exercises […]

The Heart of the Matter

  Pooh-poohing Mind-Body Interaction 😉 I surprise patients some times when I tell them that I do not believe in what is often called “mind-body interaction”. My explanation, though, convinces them not to run away and look for a different doctor. The idea that thoughts affect the body and physical disease alters emotions is right, […]

Use Medication Only When You REALLY Need To

It is always smart to avoid overusing medication. Two recent studies are convincing reminders of this wisdom. In one study, 2 million Britons using statin drugs were found to have unexpectedly increased risks of cataracts and kidney failure. While other problems like liver and muscle damage, are well-known, these links were a surprise. Also surprising […]