Whooping Cough (Pertusis) Vaccination is Not Working

As you are probably aware, and I have written about previously, the US is in the midst of a whooping cough epidemic.  With a “business-as-usual” bias, a number of agencies, individuals within the medical community and representatives of major media outlets have blamed “ignorant and irresponsible” parents choosing not to vaccinate their children as the […]

The Waning of Immunizations

  Immunizations have been all over the news lately, even entering the political debates.  A couple of the discoveries have confirmed clinical impressions, including some I shared with you before. As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter, the current whooping cough (pertusis) epidemic has been remarkable to me because, while I have had patients with […]

Immunizations and Skepticism – Whooping Cough, Shingles, Swine Flu

As of July 1, children in California are subject to a new law which requires an additional dose of the whooping cough (pertusis) vaccine. Unlike the “required” doses for younger children, which can be waived after a discussion between the child’s physician and parents, this draconian legislation only allows a waiver if the parents sit […]