Lethal Adverse Effect of Common Antibiotic Discovered

photo Azithromycin box + capsules

One of the most popular antibiotics, azithromycin, has now been shown to cause fatal heart rhythms in some people.  You might have heard of it as ZITHROMAX, or in a conveniently packaged series of doses called Z-PAK.  Although rare, the severity certainly grabs our attention and warrants concern. This lethal adverse effect is not a […]

Antibiotic Disruption of Your Body’s Ecology – Permanent?

Recent research is lengthening estimates of the time that antibiotics alter our internal ecology and consequently expanding medical concerns about the consequences of antibiotic overuse. The Swedish review of all published studies on the topic concluded that within one week of initiating antibiotic treatment, genes associated with antibiotic resistance reach high levels in the bacteria […]