Telomeres Are Cool

photo telemeres cartoon

I am fascinated by telomeres. Telomeres aren’t some sort of underwater television or talking mirrors. Telomeres are caps on the ends of your DNA, your genes. They shorten with age. Eventually they are gone and so are we.  As they shorten we become more vulnerable to disease and generally poor health. With advancing age, our […]

Healing Each Other

photo two hands nearly touching with sky backdrop

We have become increasingly isolated and fearful, unconcerned about others in our community and often afraid of “them.”  Or have we?  Like everyone else, I have been thinking a lot about the Boston Marathon terrorist attack.  We all have our own take on the event.   Many of you know that part of my sports […]

Sports-Related Concussions

photo man playing soccer

Sports-related concussions have been gaining attention lately.  Far, far too late in my opinion.  It is almost like our thinking about this issue has been as impaired as the post-concussion brains of the afflicted athletes.  Our cavalier attitude, so entrenched for so many generations, is truly bizarre.  Before I get too self-righteous I need to […]

Strength Training, Health, and Body Image

A large new study of adolescents in the Minneapolis area surprised and excited the study authors and a writer for the New York Times.  They found that many of the girls and over 1/3 of the boys were doing things (changing eating patterns, exercising, taking protein drinks or using steroids) to improve their body composition.  […]

The Wisdom of Effective Annual Health Screening

photo Joseph Bell

A recent article in the NY Times caught my eye.  I couldn’t have agreed more, and also less.  Titled “Let’s (Not) Get Physicals”, it was a reflection on the problems with conventional routine physical exams. The time-honored tradition has been for a thoughtful patient to see her/his doctor for an annual exam.  The article […]