Fishy Research

photo of fresh fish + vitamin e capsules

This seems to be the week of omega-3 oil publications. First there was a PATHETIC study whose authors claimed they had proved that O-3 supplements increase prostate cancer. A boat load of scientists responded in the harshest terms, suggesting the author was trying to get attention (“the work of a junior professor”) and wondering […]

Vitamin D is Too Good Not to Be True

photo bright yellow sun

Several years ago when I attended the first medical conference on vitamin D designed for clinicians, the limited data we had were very exciting.  There was also many reasons to be skeptical and many were.  It all sounded too good to be true they thought. Maybe higher vitamin D levels just told us who was […]

Be Careful What You Swallow

A study was just published with exclamatory headlines warning about vitamin D and calcium raising the risk of kidney stones.  They studied the blood and urine of 163 healthy, postmenopausal women for a year.  Investigators gave the women from 0-4,800 iu of vitamin D and raised their calcium to 1,200 – 1,400 mg/day. 1/3 of […]

Vitamin Supplement Mistakes

If you read about vitamin supplements you must be confused.  Actually, it would be hard not to be. Vitamins are, by definition, essential to health.  Studies of hundreds of millions of people confirm that truth. However, a rash of recent studies have linked taking vitamin supplements to higher rates of a variety of diseases, especially […]

Burying Your Head in the Sand is Bad for Your Vitamin D Level

900 pages and zero thought. That is my summation of the IOM’s new calcium and vitamin D statement. Having been a member of such consensus panels in the past, I am sympathetic to their tendency to fall to the most conservative “lowest common denominator” opinion. However, this document is far from a reasonable scientific assessment. […]

Supplement Content and Purity

Health advocate Gary Null has provided an unintentional educational lesson for those of us using dietary supplements. Taking one of his own products, he developed vitamin D toxicity. As there have been only a few cases of vitamin D toxicity ever reported, there is an inevitably interesting story behind this announcement. The story is that […]