Autism and Environmental Toxins

photo industrial polution skyscape

A new, very large, well-designed and important study linking specific prenatal maternal environmental exposures to later autism, conducted by researchers from Harvard and the MIND Institute in Davis, has just been published. Here is the link to the article.  The study of 325 autistic individuals and over 22,000 healthy children, compared data about environmental levels of […]

Tastes, Vitamin Supplements, and Wild Foods

photo pills and capsules

A controversial but prominent advocate of immunizations in the United States is now becoming a vocal critic of nutrition.  In advance of his new book, which advertisements and reviews suggest is a diatribe against acupuncture, chiropractic, supplements, etc., he wrote an editorial for the New York Times espousing the harms of vitamin supplements.  In the […]

Telomeres Are Cool

photo telemeres cartoon

I am fascinated by telomeres. Telomeres aren’t some sort of underwater television or talking mirrors. Telomeres are caps on the ends of your DNA, your genes. They shorten with age. Eventually they are gone and so are we.  As they shorten we become more vulnerable to disease and generally poor health. With advancing age, our […]