Putting One Foot in Front of the Other Equals Success

The recent, very brief hot spell here was good for the souls of Northern California residents who were feeling guilty about how beautiful and temperate our summer has been compared to everyone else’s. I especially loved it as the mild weather helped me train for and achieve a goal I set for myself a couple […]

Safety and Quality – Eggs, Ginseng, Protein Powders, Muscle Supplements

Egg Recall The salmonella-contaminated egg recall is an opportunity to think about numbers. Nearly 1/2 billion eggs have been recalled. That is 1-2 contaminated eggs for every American. 500 million is a staggeringly huge number of eggs. However, the most important questions, “why” and “how”, come down to a very small number. That number is […]

What About Calcium Supplementation?

The most frequent supplement question I’ve been hearing lately is about taking calcium. These questions have been inspired by a recent study of calcium supplementation, which received a great deal of attention. The authors of this study combined data from other studies and determined that calcium supplementation increased the risk of heart attack. Most of […]