Lethal Adverse Effect of Common Antibiotic Discovered

photo Azithromycin box + capsules

One of the most popular antibiotics, azithromycin, has now been shown to cause fatal heart rhythms in some people.  You might have heard of it as ZITHROMAX, or in a conveniently packaged series of doses called Z-PAK.  Although rare, the severity certainly grabs our attention and warrants concern. This lethal adverse effect is not a […]

Use Medication Only When You REALLY Need To

It is always smart to avoid overusing medication. Two recent studies are convincing reminders of this wisdom. In one study, 2 million Britons using statin drugs were found to have unexpectedly increased risks of cataracts and kidney failure. While other problems like liver and muscle damage, are well-known, these links were a surprise. Also surprising […]