Unethical Corporate Influences on Health Care

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Over just the last few months, a rash of unethical corporate behaviors, all in some way involving monetary influences on health care, have come to light. One was a disclosure about the Harvard Medical School showing that in the 1960s the sugar industry redirected researchers away from the conclusion that sugar contributed to heart disease. […]

The CDC and the Illness of Our Health Care System

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are a US governmental organization purposed to collect and analyze information about diseases and, WITHOUT BIAS, create guidelines for physicians and the community. The British Medical Journal has discovered that the CDC has been “partnering” with private financial interests.

Pharmaceutical Profiteering Must Stop

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In another example of pharmaceutical manufacturer greed, prices of concentrated insulin have soared. There is no reason for the increases other than profit. The discovery of insulin by Frederick Banting, who then developed the process of extracting it for medical use with his student Charles Best, saved the lives of many diabetics. Those people had […]

Doctors, Drugs, and Conflicts of Interest

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Why are ethically tainted guidelines accepted in medicine and why are tainted commentaries published in prestigious medical journals? Why are docs so easily mislead by drug company marketing? How is that drug companies are allowed to continue to operate with civil and criminal misdeeds merely a part of their cost of doing business?