A Burning Question – Harmful GERD Treatment

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No health care provider wants any patient to suffer pain, including from GERD. But the truth, dramatically highlighted by this new study, is that treatment has consequences and ignorantly applied treatment is flat out harmful. Instead of merely suppressing a symptom, hiding it away, the point MUST be to fix the problem. As the The Hippocratic Oath states “First, Do no harm”.

Breast Cancer and Medication

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Many years ago a study came out linking increased use of antibiotics to an increased rate of breast cancer.  That study considered cumulative use of all antibiotics, not one specific antibiotic, thus suggesting a range of possible causes.  There was insufficient evidence to prove that the antibiotics caused the breast cancers or even certainly made women […]

Lethal Adverse Effect of Common Antibiotic Discovered

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One of the most popular antibiotics, azithromycin, has now been shown to cause fatal heart rhythms in some people.  You might have heard of it as ZITHROMAX, or in a conveniently packaged series of doses called Z-PAK.  Although rare, the severity certainly grabs our attention and warrants concern. This lethal adverse effect is not a […]