Pharmaceutical Profiteering Must Stop

graphic of Monopoly banker, B/W illustration

In another example of pharmaceutical manufacturer greed, prices of concentrated insulin have soared. There is no reason for the increases other than profit. The discovery of insulin by Frederick Banting, who then developed the process of extracting it for medical use with his student Charles Best, saved the lives of many diabetics. Those people had […]

Vitamin D is Too Good Not to Be True

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Several years ago when I attended the first medical conference on vitamin D designed for clinicians, the limited data we had were very exciting.  There was also many reasons to be skeptical and many were.  It all sounded too good to be true they thought. Maybe higher vitamin D levels just told us who was […]

The Heart of the Matter

  Pooh-poohing Mind-Body Interaction 😉 I surprise patients some times when I tell them that I do not believe in what is often called “mind-body interaction”. My explanation, though, convinces them not to run away and look for a different doctor. The idea that thoughts affect the body and physical disease alters emotions is right, […]