Tastes, Vitamin Supplements, and Wild Foods

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A controversial but prominent advocate of immunizations in the United States is now becoming a vocal critic of nutrition.  In advance of his new book, which advertisements and reviews suggest is a diatribe against acupuncture, chiropractic, supplements, etc., he wrote an editorial for the New York Times espousing the harms of vitamin supplements.  In the […]

Strength Training, Health, and Body Image

A large new study of adolescents in the Minneapolis area surprised and excited the study authors and a writer for the New York Times.  They found that many of the girls and over 1/3 of the boys were doing things (changing eating patterns, exercising, taking protein drinks or using steroids) to improve their body composition.  […]

Coffee and Prostate Cancer

It is nice to report good news. In this case, the good news is that a recent study of prostate cancer found that drinking coffee reduced risk. It is always essential to view dietary studies skeptically. There are so many reasons they can be misunderstood, or just plain wrong. The world is too complicated to […]

Safety and Quality – Eggs, Ginseng, Protein Powders, Muscle Supplements

Egg Recall The salmonella-contaminated egg recall is an opportunity to think about numbers. Nearly 1/2 billion eggs have been recalled. That is 1-2 contaminated eggs for every American. 500 million is a staggeringly huge number of eggs. However, the most important questions, “why” and “how”, come down to a very small number. That number is […]