What About Calcium Supplementation?

The most frequent supplement question I’ve been hearing lately is about taking calcium. These questions have been inspired by a recent study of calcium supplementation, which received a great deal of attention. The authors of this study combined data from other studies and determined that calcium supplementation increased the risk of heart attack. Most of […]

Marathon Weirdness

A new study discovered some very unexpected and consequently extremely interesting findings. Examining the hearts of runners who had completed 25 or more marathons in the past 25 years, investigators found that the marathon runners’ coronary arteries were much more calcified than other people. This was the opposite of what was expected. Also, the people […]

Fish Oil Addendum

The testing results used on the fish oil lawsuit I mentioned are posted on fishoilsaety.com. Interestingly, the oils they tested are not the usual fish oils. One problematic oil was, as I anticipated, a salmon oil. Shark liver oil was a problem and several cod liver oils were also a problem. My apologies to those […]

Researching the Heart, They Lost Their Minds

photo heart with stethoscope

A classic study was recently released warning heart patients to avoid essentially all herbal medicines. One commentator recommended that instead of buying herbs patients should save their money and “buy a pair of shoes”. As this publication walks all over herbal medicine with callous regard, the shoes seem to be on the other pair of […]