Integrative Medicine Is Not Just About Wellness​

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The second problem, is more subtle and insidious. Even the conventional practitioners who have a favorable view of these other therapies nearly always believe these therapies are unsuitable for serious problems. They treat them as if the therapies are more “cute” than effective. The term most often applied then, is “wellness”. In other words, these treatments might help healthy people feel better, but nothing more. If a person has a real disease, they need real prescription medicine.

Radical Remission of Cancer

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The bottom line is that there is very good justification for optimism and taking steps beyond the usual care. Bad things happen, but radical remission is not only possible, it is, to some degree, predictable and founded upon these essential health habits. Maybe most importantly, these behaviors enhance the quality of our lives. The essential health habits are not dramatic. Their impact IS. They are powerful. They are irreplaceable. Whether the time remaining is short or long, we should all pursue them.

Summer Camp, Summer Camp, Summer Camp

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It is summertime.  I am filling out lots of summer camp and other “special experience” forms for the children in my practice. The kids who live in my neighborhood are engaged in different activities (no lemonade stands yet, though) and the school behind my house is now a summer camp.  It has me thinking.  As […]