Fish Oil Prevention of Mental Illness

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Not infrequently, some very important medical studies don’t get the attention they deserve. A long term study about fish oil prevention of mental illness, in this case psychosis, came out in August. The results of that investigation should have been shouted from the roof tops. Its time again to raise my voice.
Imagine a short term treatment, lasting only 3 months, that significantly reduced the likelihood of perhaps the most severe form of mental illness and continued to do so for the next SEVEN YEARS! If you imagined a bottle of fish oil, you nailed it.

Radical Remission of Cancer

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The bottom line is that there is very good justification for optimism and taking steps beyond the usual care. Bad things happen, but radical remission is not only possible, it is, to some degree, predictable and founded upon these essential health habits. Maybe most importantly, these behaviors enhance the quality of our lives. The essential health habits are not dramatic. Their impact IS. They are powerful. They are irreplaceable. Whether the time remaining is short or long, we should all pursue them.

The Foods You Chose Can Help You Lose, or Not

The Foods You Choose Can Help You Lose, Or Not Many people think that Americans are obsessed with celebrity, politics or some sport.  Yes, we are, but our chief obsession is not on that list.  Americans are truly obsessed with weight, especially losing it. One reason exercise is so important for those losing weight and […]

Vitamin Supplement Mistakes

If you read about vitamin supplements you must be confused.  Actually, it would be hard not to be. Vitamins are, by definition, essential to health.  Studies of hundreds of millions of people confirm that truth. However, a rash of recent studies have linked taking vitamin supplements to higher rates of a variety of diseases, especially […]

Making Changes

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I hope that, respecting tradition, you have dedicated yourselves to creating some better health habits in this New Year.  I also hope that you are going about that in a joyful way, understanding that doing the right things will help you enjoy your life more.  Also, pursuing good health habits should be fun, not tedious […]