Running and Longevity

  Newly released data, collected over nearly 40 years, indicate that runners live 5-6 years longer than other people.  I like this but also have some doubts.  I began running as a 12 year old, and after a few more months of surgical recovery, hope to resume this life-long habit. I love it.  My work […]

Making Changes

I hope that, respecting tradition, you have dedicated yourselves to creating some better health habits in this New Year.  I also hope that you are going about that in a joyful way, understanding that doing the right things will help you enjoy your life more.  Also, pursuing good health habits should be fun, not tedious […]

Putting One Foot in Front of the Other Equals Success

The recent, very brief hot spell here was good for the souls of Northern California residents who were feeling guilty about how beautiful and temperate our summer has been compared to everyone else’s. I especially loved it as the mild weather helped me train for and achieve a goal I set for myself a couple […]