Vitamin Supplement Mistakes

If you read about vitamin supplements you must be confused.  Actually, it would be hard not to be. Vitamins are, by definition, essential to health.  Studies of hundreds of millions of people confirm that truth. However, a rash of recent studies have linked taking vitamin supplements to higher rates of a variety of diseases, especially […]

Making Changes

photo of green meadow and path leading into bright sunlight

I hope that, respecting tradition, you have dedicated yourselves to creating some better health habits in this New Year.  I also hope that you are going about that in a joyful way, understanding that doing the right things will help you enjoy your life more.  Also, pursuing good health habits should be fun, not tedious […]

Burying Your Head in the Sand is Bad for Your Vitamin D Level

900 pages and zero thought. That is my summation of the IOM’s new calcium and vitamin D statement. Having been a member of such consensus panels in the past, I am sympathetic to their tendency to fall to the most conservative “lowest common denominator” opinion. However, this document is far from a reasonable scientific assessment. […]

What About Calcium Supplementation?

The most frequent supplement question I’ve been hearing lately is about taking calcium. These questions have been inspired by a recent study of calcium supplementation, which received a great deal of attention. The authors of this study combined data from other studies and determined that calcium supplementation increased the risk of heart attack. Most of […]

Supplement Content and Purity

Health advocate Gary Null has provided an unintentional educational lesson for those of us using dietary supplements. Taking one of his own products, he developed vitamin D toxicity. As there have been only a few cases of vitamin D toxicity ever reported, there is an inevitably interesting story behind this announcement. The story is that […]